Knobs and handles

The attention to trends and to the evolution of the furniture constantly enriches the collection of handles and knobs. A wide and deep range of products for different types of environments and different styles, offered in classic and innovative finishes: the knobs and handles of Gruppo Confalonieri are beautiful and functional products that give furniture a touch of class.

Coat hooks

Functional products, beautiful to look at, and designed to be easy to install. A proposal articulated in various materials and different finishes with products that are the leading actor in every type of environment.

Shelf brackets

In 1964 Gruppo Confalonieri was the first to offer BaCo, a modern design shelf bracket still well sold today. Different materials, a wide range of dimensions, ample installation and adjustment possibilities, the Gruppo Confalonieri shelf brackets are elements that masterfully combine function and form.

Technical hardware

The other soul of Gruppo Confalonieri: the design of products engineered for technical use in the furniture and furnishing sector.

Door accessories

Door closers and doorstops: in the tradition of Gruppo Confalonieri, the added value of design is essential for these products as well. For sliding doors, a selection of handles specifically designed to maximize the grip.

Wardrobe accessories

Functionality combined with form: for Gruppo Confalonieri, the inside of the wardrobe is a space to which it can be added value with its products. A range of sliding doors to exploit even the smallest spaces.

Design handrails

Different materials, finishes and ergonomics for this range of products that add value to the environments where they are installed. The made-to-measure production offered by Gruppo Confalonieri allows total customization of each project and maximum simplification during assembly and disassembly.

Universal living program

Gruppo Confalonieri has been designing and manufacturing accessories for the bathroom and for public areas for over fifty years, dedicated to a wider range of users, with particular attention to ease of use, ergonomics, installation and design.